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Quality cocking has been a family tradition for half a century in the Escalona family. I am already from the third generation of cockers, which started, from my father, Atty. Thelmo Escalona of Tarlak City and my uncle Mr. Bert Escalona. The sport lived on with my brother Alex Escalona, cousins Patrick Puno(Dominator Farm),Danny Escalona (former Bonanza Farm), Jake Escalona of Olongapo City and Ruben Escalona(Resca Farm) to name a few who made it in the industry.

I started breeding in 1994 using imported breeding stocks from my father and Alex consisting of butchers, democrats, gilmores, kelsos, yellow legged-hatches, round heads and sweaters which I blended and fought. I culled the bloodlines, which were inferior from the others until I reached the conclusion that the Dan Gray Round heads are far superior from the other bloodlines I had in the farm. Aside from being smart looking white-legged, high stationed, and wine red roosters, they are game, fantastic cutters, high breakers, and very clever. With very tough long knife competitions ahead, I knew that Dan’s bloodline, which crosses well with a good hatch, kelso, claret, butcher,albany or white hackle, would produce excellent winners.

I decided to get some fresh brood stocks from our American friends. When time permitted, I visited their farms frequently in the USA to personally choose my breeding stocks from their yard. My choices, thus far, combined with my breeding style have produced winnable fowls in tough competitions.

God has blessed our team once more. We are one of the CHAMPIONS of the "KARAMBA" 5-Stag Derby at San Juan Coliseum on September 25th 2013. Myself and Engr. Lino Pallarca, G.L.E-L.I.P., were partners in this derby.

This 26th of September 2010 I've visited my breeder friends in the USA. I've decided to acquire from Mr. Bert Lester of Timberlane Farms his famous brunner round head and gilmore hatch. That made him and Mr. Donald Fontenot one of the best chickenmen in their time.

I was lucky to acquire some of Mr. John Bishop's fabled kelsos, and the rare original kelso and grey from Mr. Roy Ogle. His kelso is from Mr. Cecil Davis; greys from Mr. Johnny Bennet, which came from Mr. Jay Goode.

On Feb. 27' 2012, the LGBA 5-Cock Derby is a memorable derby for our team. Myself and Mr. Edwin Jingco, GE SPEEDY RG-EJ 1, finished as the SOLO CHAMPION.

Bakbakan 11-Stag 2011 is one of the toughest derbies this season. Mr. Neil Natanauan and company of San Pedro, Laguna garnered a decent 9W-2L, RED LION GEL entry. He fielded in round head-hatch stag, conditioned in my farm. It was a good try for us. Maybe next year will be better.

Starting the 2011 season on the correct foot. My feathered warriors, aged 8-1/2 to 9 months old, made me proud of them. At the 1st leg of the Aug.19 LGBA 5-stag derby, we acheived a 4W-1L, GLE-CLE Jimafer entry.

Lady luck was on our side on June 25th 2011. Mr. Celso Evangelista and myself are co-Champions at San Juan Coliseum, 5-Cock Derby hosted by Mayor Arcillas and Mr. Marzo. We garnered 4W-1L record (CLE-GLE).

Our team, (GE JIMAFER), is very fortunate to capture the much coveted NCA 8-COCK INTERNATIONAL DERBY on May 28th 2011 at the Ynares Center. I fought some hatches, round head-hatch, and grey-hatch to achieve a hard earned 6W-1D-1L slate. We are co-Champions with Gov. Carreon.

This February 15' 2011, our team, (JIMAFER GE-BG) scored 4w-1l at the NCA 5-COCK DERBY circuit, which I am in tandem with the Jingcos, Madlambayans, Fernandos and Engr. Canlas.

In the just concluded World Slasher Championship January 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum, our entry, GE SAN NARCISO BOYS. Myself, Butch Farin and Jose So of Zambales settled for a 6W-2L card, fielding in round heads, hatch and round head-hatch cross.

On the 3rd leg of 2010 LGBA 7-STAG DERBY, Nov. 9 and 11, JIMAGEPP-PALINGGIN of Mr. Edwin Jingco and myself (round head-hatch and round head-sweater); VD FARM of Mr. Jun Dizon, Mr. Val Dizon and myself (round head-hatch and pure hatch) achieved a hard earned Double Champion (12w-2l).

This July 8th is a lucky day for Engr. Moises Almuete of Nueva Vizcaya and myself. With 5 straight wins, we are co-CHAMPIONS at the 2010 HATAWAN sa TAG-ULAN with "FIRE at WILL" entry.

Together with Mr.Jun Dizon, G.E.entry, we were RUNNER-UP (6W-1L) on April 29 '2010, LGBA BULL STAG DERBY. With a heart stopping any body's game, our last fight was short of luck to win against a good opponent.

The KOLMIN entry of Mr. Ruben Escalona, and A.A.Poultry Supply of Mr. Arnold Arenas were both CHAMPION (5w-0l) and RUNNER-UP (4w-1l) respectively. Capturing the TAGBA Cocker of the Year award on May 01 '2010, with full show of round head-hatch cross.

Our friends from Indonesia, with entry name ALANDO MAHAKAM GE scored a decent 7w-1l, and is a co-RUNNER UP in the just concluded January 2010 WSC. Round head-hatch and hatch birds were handled by Nino "the wonder boy".

During the recently concluded LGBA's STAG DERBY '2009, myself with friends Edwin Jingco and Louie Madlambayan, we are lucky to become the BREEDER OF THE YEAR (PALINGGIN JIMA G.E.P.P.). Fielding in round head-hatch cross and pure hatches. Also the co-CHAMPION NOV. 5-7 '2009 in the final leg of the event with (7) straight wins.

Some other achievements are as follows:
(1) My cousin, Patrick Puno, and I competed in the May'2009 WSC II at the Araneta Coliseum finishing with 6w-2l as co-RUNNER UP.
(2) SOLO RUNNER-UP in the PACQUIAO CUP BIG EVENT at the Araneta Coliseum this May 26'2009.
(3) On the 27th of November '2008, we were co-CHAMPIONS at the 6th Annual Bigtime Derby, Bacolor Cockpit in Pampangga. Hosted by the renowned Jingco Brothers.

Results from other aficionados:
(1)Fielding a full show of my fowls he acquired, Rafael "eying" Rodulfo captured four(4) consecutive championships against well known cockers in the Bicol region in May-June '2007.

(2)The dominancy of the Dan Gray Round head-Hatch cross was witnessed when it won for its breeders the ‘2006 stag fighter of the year awards in their respective provinces: Ruben Escalona in Tarlak (TAGBA), Moises Almuete in Cagayan Valley (stag fighter and 1st runner-up) and John Soller in Mindoro (1st runner-up).

(3)Short of luck, Ruben Escalona made it overall '2007 TAGBA stag fighter 1st runner-up and Andy Ferrer TAGBA stag fighter '2007 2nd runner-up and last leg solo champion. According to both breeders, they fought roundhead-hatch crosses that came from my yard.

(4)Jun Escalona, bagged the coveted GPGBI(Group of Palawan Gamefowl Breeder's Inc.) '2008 stag fighter honors. Winning a back to back championship for the 1st and 2nd legs. He bred Round head-Hatch crosses that both came from my yard and Ruben's.

I want to thank Mr. Robert “Dan” Gray of Louisiana for sending me the best bloodlines he has in his yard. For being very honest and helpful in my continued quest to produce winning and quality fowls. Without his guidance, my farm will not take shape.

The January 2009 Araneta WSC Champion, Mr. Jorge Torres, together with Mr. Boy Diaz spending light cocking moments in my farm is an honor.

Thank you to the late Mr. Steve Sturm for his Dave Ward hatch; Mr. Jeff Pearce for his game and excellent cutting Penmar hatches; Ms. Sue Wilson, Mr. Bruce Barnett and Mr. Bert Lester/Mr. Donald Fontenot (TIMBERLANE) for their gilmores; Mr. Dink Fair for his grey; Mr. John Bishop and Mr. Roy Ogle for their kelsos.

I thank those who trusted me, and use my bloodlines as their foundation line. That together may we successfully produce winning and quality fowls.

At present, Gerry Escalona is an active member of NCA,TAGBA,LGBA and competes mainly at Araneta Col., Makati Col., NCA (Pasig)and San Juan Col.. GE Mapalad Gamefarm, is located at Tanauan, Batangas, only one and a half (1 ½) hours away from Makati City. Cellphone:(0918)9302771.
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